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Religion for Dummies (2018)

Religion for Dummies (2018) is a satirical stop-motion short film starring Nakul Sahdev, that reflects the mindlessness of the religious worship espoused by self-proclaimed, avaricious God-men in India. Directed by Kabeer Khurana, it received several international awards and nominations. It traces how a poor beggar, all out of options, lucratively re-brands himself as a God-man with great success. The short film captures the cult-ish performativity of religion, and how all it really takes to become a religious celebrity is a makeover, an austere facade, and as many arbitrary, self-serving edicts as you can think of.


Sahdev, the film’s God-man, is supported by bright, popping sets and gloriously funky accessories. As the God-man showers blessings on shoes and police officers, he sanctimoniously spins a hundred-rupee fidget-spinner while pronouncing it cosmically permissible to flirt with him. In ‘Religion for Dummies,’ Khurana skillfully exposes religion as ritualistic, blind and, at times, no more than a barely-masked cash grab.

Director - Kabeer Khurana