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Hello O Hello

‘Hell O Hello’ is a painfully hilarious short film directed by Pratik Kothari. In a world of scheme after scheme, offer after offer and scam after scam, ‘Hell O Hello’ is a tongue in cheek comment on the hollow, commercial greed involved in sales. It tells the story of two friends competing against each other to swindle (or sign, whatever be the perspective) a prospective client. They each try to dazzle the client with catchy sales pitches and shiny promises. The film is masterfully punctuated with other YouTube advertisements that echo the film’s mockery of consumerism and marketing. Ultimately, when the client turns out to be deaf and mute and have no use for any of the services being marketed to him, the friends are upset and angry at the client - his value, identity and treatment was all linked with his being a customer. 

Director - Pratik Kothari